Monday, May 01, 2006

I wish we could adequately put across to people how we see them, rather than how they see themselves - ugly, incompetant, unloved, inadequate. Sometimes if we do see beauty, competency, gifts, love someone, or just really appreciate them being their unique selves, we don't always say - we need to more!

Self-esteem, or lack thereof, is one of the biggest issues facing us today I reckon. It's something we all struggle with at times, and I find pretty frustrating sometimes!

That's why we need to keep coming back to the love God has for us I guess - sure life can suck at times, but 'God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love him' (rom 8.28), and He did everything needed so we could come back into a relationship with Him (if we want it) thru Jesus. God doesn't make mistakes!

*sorry if this is a bit of a muddle of thoughts!


Emma said...

I agree. And I loved that card when I saw it on postsecret. But yeh its true about the self esteem, thats why it annoys me when people say you have a big ego or you are up yourself when you say somthing like "I'm good at maths". I mean obviously its not good to go around with a big head and think the world revolves around us. Because obviously it doesn't, noone is perfect except jesus. But its not neccisary to constantly put ourselves down. But soceity that tells us to have these attidudes and that we are never pretty, smart, thin, or good enough and if we think we are then its vain. anyway that was also a bit of a ramble. lol sorry I always flood ur blog with long comments, you just say a lot of stuff that i agree with or have opinions about. Great Blog, Keep up the good work Jess, hope you have a great week. Cya thurs xoxox

Emma said...

and I should really proof read stuff before I post it. Spelling and grammer is not my strong point! luv ya

AJ said...

i also agree with what you've said, and i think its really encouraging (using a recent example) that andre got so much out of the rotary camp and has found this new confidence in himself. far too many ppl get themselves down cos they think they're not good enough in one way or another. everyone has their failings but you have to look past them to see the best in ppl instead of becoming bogged down in the stuff that ain't so good. encouraging ppl and 'lifting them up' can be very satisfying for both you and the recipient, and there's no point in holding back telling ppl the great stuff about them cos you might end up not being able to tell them what you think or how you feel about them.

anyway, sorry about the essay, and were you really up at 5.24am writing this???

jesster said...

nah guys, i love reading your comments (long and thoughtful, good stuff), keep them coming! and lol no i wasn't up at 5.24 am, i'm not quite that dedicated! might have something to do with the new template thing - what do you guys think of it?

Edwin said...

Hey Jess,

I like the new theme. It's pretty Jungle-ish!! :P

Keep it up!!

lib said...

Self esteem is definitely something I struggle with alot- esp the skinny thing. Obviously I am not a straight up and down runway model and it just gets me so down and frustrated when I go to shops and stuff does not fit. I just feel so abnormal and fat and on my worst days I almost wish I could just cut out the bits I don't like. (woah this is pretty open for something everyone will prolly read) I have my share of good days and bad days and I have had many of both on this trip. Its just so hard when you look in the mirror or see a photo of yourself after you have just been bombarded with magazines and tv shows showing impossibly thin women with clear skin and the whole kit and caboodle. I know that with self esteem and stuff though, no matter how much other people say you are nice or pretty or whatever (which is good to do if you think it!), the self esteem from that is only temporary and in the end it has to come from yourself. *corny moment ends*

PS Emma I totally agree with you about the "I'm good at maths thing"- that is something I definitely struggled with alot when I first moved to Australia in that I would say stuff like that, like say the stuff I knew I was good at, (but then equally admit to stuff I wasnt good at) and people would think I was up myself. I think that is a really Australian thing to put yourself down. In the US it is much more acceptable to say "I'm good at spelling" or whatever.

Emma said...

I think the thing is, paying each other out is a huge part of Australian culture, and it seems to sometimes extend to ourselves.

Andre said...

i totally know what you guys mean. and like aj said, and corny as it sounds, its just so AWESOME to be you and be proud of it.
i think the aussie thing is pretty true too. i mean, i havent been anywhere else, but theres SO much modesty that goes into stuff. i know that i really find it hard to say something positive about myself alot of the time, and eventually thats what gets to you and gets you down.