Monday, August 20, 2007

Last week in pictures

A select few piccies from Jesus Week, mostly of Barr Smith lawns adventures...

We had some banner-age issues when the bottom pole threatened to spear a random and innocent by-walker. Wouldn't have been the greatest start...

The lovely Kate during our Wed paint. Kate, Chonty, Chelsea and me did paintings during the week on the lawns, a painting for each days sub-theme. The overall theme was 'Has God Failed' - pretty provocative as it turned out, people were confused about whether we were for God, or against God, which meant lots of questions, and great ways into convo's...The first day: Natural disastersTuesday: PovertyWednesday: Too many faiths

Thurs: Injustice
Friday: Death
They all fit together in the end, and we put a cross over the 'has God failed', as in the cross = the answer to all the questions, to the suffering, pain, death in the world. The girls... (we discovered we also had posing in common...)

The amazing J-week team! A few seconds later... it descends into wrestling
Annie and I found another random awkward turtler in Jess! Yeh, you kinda had to be there...
Two things learnt/reinforced: the absolute necessity of prayer.
and spurring each other on. I was so much more kicked into action through seeing how passionate other people were about sharing the gospel, and just went for it.
And now time to go do some uni reading, which suffered a little with so much going on last week ... oops!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Ahh ha ha! We watched the trailer in small group, we were cacking ourselves! Looks kind of gross in some bits though... :P

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just wanted to say...

Jesus week is awesome.
God is amazing.

Will fill in more later, or in the mean time ask me in person :)

And if you're at Adelaide Uni, come to the lawns from 10:30 each day to hang out, see our painting, get a free pancake, and have a chat!

Has God failed?