Monday, October 30, 2006

to when you roll the dice...

OC- I love it! Unashamedly.

As well as the obvious emotional turbulance that this clip sends you into (good emotional turbulance that is), the editing's so well done. The music, the glitter, the "thrrreeeeee" as Ryan throws open the door, the slow down at *cough* appropriate moments... Those were the days when Marissa was alive!!New season starts next Tues... Ok I'm going to shut up about the OC now- am I turning into one of 'those' people whose blogs are dedicated to soaps? Ah!

(Music's Dice by Finley Quaye- great song. Montage song.)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

chef a la harris'

Ah, what a happy scene.... Ez, me, and our amazing napoletana-chicken-mushroom-broccolini-pasta bake! We were so proud of it we had a bit of a photo shoot...
Isn't it beautiful?
First we loved it, then we ate it.


That last one's a funny story actually. Well I don't know about funny, probably a bit boring, but a story. We each got free knives at the supermarket the other day - you know those telemarket ads where they try and sell you life-changing utensils with multiple free extras you never knew you needed so badly before? Well it was like that... but LIVE. We had to stand there for 5 mins of so while the women showed us how this *awesome* knife could cut through hammers and solid wood etc, and then we got a free knife for our time. Woo!

Monday, October 23, 2006

I would like to revisit a debate that occured approx 10 months ago.

Please focus your attention on the meal in the middle :: see, it's written in print, it's spag BOG not spag BOL!

I rest my case.