Thursday, October 11, 2007

sunsets viewed in the rear view mirror

I just discovered I have an alter ego on a British soap.

The second line in the description, I have to say, it clearly immensely accurate. ;)

The things you learn on Wiki!

Monday, October 08, 2007

song of da song


This term at EU we're doing Song of Songs (basically a giant, and at times a little explicit, love poem written by king Solomon in the Old Testament), and so at CV Geoff gave the girls the task of turning one section into a modern day equivalent... While Reuben did a fine job transforming his 'boys' section into engo's language ('your hair is like a cluster of network cables, and your neck is like a stoby pole'), here's what the girls turned out... (from 5:10-16 - read it, it may make more sense!)

Song of Da Song
CVMinistries feat. Missure Ong

Yo my boy he so rad,
He make all the homies look bad
His pimpin' face so covered in bling
Black hair swaying while he doing his ting
With eyes like a toucan, I can, You can

I be a spice girl, he my sugar dandy
Check his cheeks yo, sweet as candy
Lips they glow, yeah see his grills
Glowing so bright, give this fly girl chills.
With his sweet, phat, wicked golden guns

Matchin' with those killer ripped ones
His bod so fine, he drippin’ in ice.Glowin' like da gemstones…nice
He got trunks they fully sick,
Tis tru dey flowin' like an oil slick
He look so fly, I dig his styles

Best in da hood, none like dis fo' miles
A kiss like honey my baby, it's true
You got me twisted, you da boo
Check his sweet puckers dey mesmerizin'Drawin me in, aight hypnotizin'
He be my boy, so hip, so fly
My coolio gangster he is my guy

Watch me bust a love boat on your posse……werd.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

food + friends = :)

On Thurs night Annie and I were treated to a homecooked meal with the beautiful Lauren!
Photo face!

'Alright guys, let's do a photo where we look really cool'
the RatFace(tm). Check out Lauren!
There was bolognaise (spag boG)
Golden lighting ....
Restaurant quality dessert

A completely candid shot of Annie, demonstrating we could not only admire, but also EAT the dessert - woah!

Also ... CV [camp/conference where you think about your future directions in ministry] was last weekend, which I was initially a little apprehensive about (wary in case there was a 'Gospel ministry is the only real ministry' push), as well as having to come up with a 5 year plan in our couching sessions (!) but my fears were soon allieved and I soon felt relaxed, and I had a great time. Joel's blog pretty much sums up all the highlights!

A particular highlight for me was an elective on state of the Anglican Church - which I found was encouraging and helpful for redirecting my attitude... Also Chris Joliff's talks on the Reformation through the Psalms, and Peter Adam's talks on Ezekiel (he must be gifted if he can make Ezekiel make sense and hit the soul!) ... And of course the chance to just hang out with awesome people and have many good talks about *real* things [such as on our late night walks to and from Granite Island, with the Teen Rager playground featuring... many times]! Haven't quite got my five year plan finished stitched up, but at least I was pushed to actually think more than 12 months into the future, and have some ideas floating around my head.

Also, Peter Adam is a new hero of mine after delivering a line along the lines of 'when I see a woman who knows the gospel, loves the scriptures and has a passion for sharing it, I beg them to be ordained, [because there's such a need for women who can teach in ministry]' - it can sometimes feel like it's like we need to find positions that women can fill, so it was affirming to hear that there's actually a need for women. Women in ministry is a pet passion of mine ;)

Also... yay, Dad's home today from his 2 week trip to Greece! :D