Thursday, October 11, 2007

sunsets viewed in the rear view mirror

I just discovered I have an alter ego on a British soap.

The second line in the description, I have to say, it clearly immensely accurate. ;)

The things you learn on Wiki!


Shorty said...

Ha ha nice find.

gotta love in relationships bit it says:on/off boyfriend,ex-boyfriend,slept with!

lib said...

woah... sleeping with your on/off boyfriend's brother to get back at him for sleeping with someone called nathan who seems to be a guy and make him jealous?

i'd say i agreed with the sentence you like but i don't think you're the town bicycle :P. and my condolences to hear your best friend died in a fire... ;)

jesster said...

haha I'm glad my life isn't too closely aligned with my soapie name-twin. & thanks Lib, that hit me hard ;)!

Tamie said...

Oh, I feel so left out! I wish I had a Wiki entry about me! You are so cool Jess!