Thursday, July 28, 2005

My beautiful bumpkin Charlie, aww :o) She has me wrapped around her little finger...i mean paw. But look how cute they are! Posted by Picasa

It's the incredible invisible girl! Who needs Jessica Alba when they have me in their midst? (btw, that's me and Em a.k.a Sailor Moon at Dave's) Posted by Picasa

A close up on the eye... don't really know why Posted by Picasa

Me and "Dad", lol...just to prove that yes, it is mine! (and also bcoz of my serial addiction to taking pics of myself :oP) Posted by Picasa

My first art final- Dad, half finished... the one eye thing is kinda creepy tho! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

firming of personalities

First day back for the term! Oh joy... is it conincidental that as soon as we go back to school the weather goes from beautifully sunny to grey and rainy? Actually is wasn't too bad, rather than the overwhelmingness of all the work last term, I see it as last full term at school, ever! Plus the miserable weather meant I could have nice hot soup for lunch, even if i malformed my soup spoon by having to lever open the school microwave door with it...It's prob going to be the most intense term ... year long special studies have to go in for all subjects, exams, art finals etc etc, but in a few months time it'll be DONE! And then i have to work out exactly what to do with myself in the holidays, and in my probably gap year, but we'll get to that when we come to it. At the moment the options include getting a job (kind of necessary that one), maybe starting a couple of preliminary courses at Bible College SA (who you can do courses with in conjunction with Adelaide Uni for a Bachelor of Arts) such as learning Greek, being able to do all the sorts of thing I want to do but don't have the time for, and, of course, travelling and exploring this glorious world for a few months!

As i said before, I had a good holidays i reckon- amidst work and sleep (as in regularly to midday or later without even trying- oh the bliss!) made many good memories: e.g. caught up with Anne, Miz and Erin (aka the sleepover club- and yes, we did sleep- oh and also saw Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants- such a chick flick, but if you see the corny bits as poignant which Anne and I did, it's good/emotional!); surprise party for Alex (which worked after all the last min dramas, and I think he was actually surprised!); wild random photo rampage with lib, em, anne and lisa; almost getting locked in the waterfall gully carpark with on my Day with Dave (i just wanted to say that bcoz it sounds like a book or show or something!:P) (we came down at 5.45, they closed at 6, lol); Dave's belated b'day par-tay (go Em and I with the actual costumes!) (which was overall tres fun for all of its 10 hours in the end, tho i accidentally scratched the car at the end (I really can drive Sez!) after it did it's weird break-down tantrum thing at Macca's) aaand yeah! Oh and before I forget, it's Polly's 18th bday today, so wherever you are Pol, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Aaanyway, in keeping with all the helpful motivational slogans slung around my room at the moment (eg More work now= less later! Well, it makes sense!) I'd better go read Oedipus Rex for Classics (for those not familiar with the story the poor guy kills his father and marries his mother, but doesn't know that at the time! Imagine realising that, no wonder he gouges out his eyes with his wife/mothers brooch pin when he does...)

Btw the subject thing's referring to the woman who came today for our psychology class who's going to be doing personality tests with us (the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, for anyone who's interested), how cool is that? What she meant was forming of personalities, but either one kind of works really...

Before I do go tho, here's a verse that I've found has spoken to me a bit lately- it's been on my whiteboard for a while but everytime i go rub it out I can't because I'm like 'but it's so true!'

"Little children, let us love not in word or speech, but in truth and action. And by this we will know that we are from the truth and will reassure our hearts before him whenever our hearts condemn us; for God is greater than our hearts, and He knows everything." 1 John 3:18

elementary, my dear Watson...

Haha, so you'd think I'd actually post MORE in the hols, but hey- maybe you get to a point when ur such a serial procrastinator that you procrastinate about doing the things you usually procrastinate with! As expected the hols went pretty fast, but they've actually been good i reckon, much needed rest... Aaaanyway, I've left this pretty late so I don't think I'll go into much detail, it's not that interesting anyway!
One quick thing, Lib put a link up to this site which is really cool- refreshingly real! Something I reckon we need a bit more of sometimes...
I've got school later this morning, which means i should probably go to bed :P

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

yahtzee, holidays!

Thank God (literally!) it's finally holidays, even if they are only two weeks long! Here's a brief synopsis of the last whirlwind few days:
  • Wednesday- Uncle Stephen, Aunty Leone, Michael, and another cousin Paul (see photo's...) arrive for Jon's party
  • Thursday- got report, last day of school
  • Friday- formal day!! hair done at "1" which turned out to be 1:40- turns out the same hairdresser had Claire Angley (apparently she's got a loootta hair to curl!), me, Dani, then Lib all one after the other! Picked Davo up and had the obligatory photo's (lol, not that i'm complaining, i love it really ;o), went to the before party at Dani's (it was Ebony's b'day, how's that for timing?), took our beloved Des' minibus to the formal, did the formal thing (we're old hands at this now, lol- everyone looking stunning, photo's (digital and prof- haha including one with Kendyl, Ben Cooper, me and Charlotte, James Bond style) danced, ate, laughed, had awards (Emma got 'most likely to become first female prime minister', and Suj 'most stunningly dressed female' in her tres cool blue Indian sari, to name a couple), took the Des' back to Dani's to do a speedy change in 20 mins (haha, all the girls in Dani's room at the same time, it was pretty funny), and finally on to the elusive afterparty! Comparitively short summary, lol. It was all good fun, it just came and went so quickly!
  • Saturday- up at 12, and onto getting everything ready for Jon's 21st! I was in a bit of a daze that day, so can remember bits... My hair actually stayed in thru sleep, rain and hail (memorable trip getting stuck in the sudden downpour with Dan, Michael, and Paul at St Bart's after another memorable shopping trip with them to get all the drinks- picture me and Michael with a trolley each... *cough* we weren't immature at all *cough*)... Uncle Mark also came down impulsively (Paul's Dad) which was nice. The night was a fantastic effort by everyone- mammoth effort particularly by Mum and A. Leone with food prep, lots of fun decorating (inc these cool linky balloons, inc some tied in a ring which me and Paul looped over the fans lol, fairy lights, these little Chinese take-away style boxes with cute pics of Jon poking out, and laminated security pass style name things for Jono's friends), Miz, Anne (now known as powerwoman, she's amazing!), and Dave being a HUGE help serving (whilst i wandered around in a half-conscious state) and yeah... Oh, and Dan (and Michael) did this great slide-show of Jon- all in all a fun night, deserving tribute to Jon. And most importantly, he had fun!
  • Sunday- slept till 1... Family lunch, singing at sas, then had a great time with dinner at Dan and Phili's with Michael and Paul- not only great food (my gosh, this DELICIOUS pizza from Tusmore pizzeria, Chicken something, with artichoke hearts) but great company, i really enjoyed myself.
  • Monday- Went to Koorong and got some good books...Last nite everyone was here, had birthday dinner for Mum
  • Today- Mum's bday! everyone left 7:30ish :o(, then i kind of lazed around, watched Bride and Prejudice (sp? that word looks really odd)...

Which takes me up to now! About to do some homework, get some take-out, watch the season final of the OC, and celebrate Mum in relaxed style...

This is also a seemingly random one, but it too has a purpose- this was last nite at Mum's bday dinner (we were playing memory with pics of Jon from his party, Phili aced the competition lol)- on the very left is my cousin Paul who's about to go to Kyrgyzstan for 10 months on a mission trip which is pretty full on, go him! he's so nice, it was cool to see him before he went, we don't get to see them very often! Posted by Picasa

Groovin on the dance floor- that's Hannah (gorgeous girl, who looked awesome too! lol i'm saying that about everyone, but it's so true!), Jaz, Libito in the middle (there's a better shot of her hair), Jay, then Kendyl... You can almost hear the music just lookin at it! Posted by Picasa

Aww, gotta have one of me and the rents in! I think it's a nice pic... :o)  Posted by Picasa

Gotta have one of me and the party queen Lib! How nice is the colour of her dress, and go the same-hairdressered hair! Ooo, shimmery jewellary...  Posted by Picasa

This LOOKS like a strange and random pic... and it is! But it was funny at the time, we were talking about trying to subtley take pics as u walk past ppl, which is what i was doing (even tho they were lookin at me... not sure if that one worked) and Miz is also doin... Jon's in pre-party mode in the background, and Anne, well, not really sure! Posted by Picasa

My big bro Jon on the morning of the big 2-1!! Here he is, up bright and early (trust me, very early...;o) proudly showing off his new filing cabinet he had his heart set on, from all the Aunts&Uncles et al on Dad's side Posted by Picasa

This one's at Jono's 21st on saturday nite- that's my cuzbro Michael (over from nsw- we've pretty much grown up together!) Lol, see if u can spot Miz... Posted by Picasa

Charlotte Daaaaarling!!! She went for the 1920's, as Lib said, screen siren look, and she so pulled it off- it was so her! Nice one Chez  Posted by Picasa

Jaz and, u guessed it, me! (there seems to be a recurring theme of me in these pics, hmmm...) She looked beautiful as well- go the pale pink dresses! Posted by Picasa

Richo, Kendyl and me. Sorry Richo, not the best one of u! they both looked so gorgeous tho, did me proud!  Posted by Picasa

me and the boys- dave, urs truly and alex. poor lexi was so tired after being in westside story the whole week, and the afterparty the nite before!  Posted by Picasa

me and dave at dani's before party, i reckon its a pretty good one! Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

just another non-average day

SO my goodness, how long has it been since i last posted?! Well, about 10 days now that you ask (shock horror, it got to double digits!!). What's going on in my life i also hear you ask (gee, ur an inquisative bunch today)? Well, what isn't really! lol...
Well in terms of all the emotional stuff i was talking about in the last email, that's still there. Even tho its hard i'm finding ways of dealing with it i guess. It's been an eventful past few days really- PAC formal on sat nite which was tres fun, and might I say we all looked quite stunning! We had the before party at Patrick's (Emma's date, ahh there are some funny/awkward stories there!) place, and caught the limo from there (i know, limo how cool! we're getting a Des' Mini bus for the Marryatville formal next week, lol!!)- me and Em discovered we were bag buddies, had the same bag (well, it was Steph's really!)! At the place (Convention Centre) they had these candelabra's with tea light candles in a spiral thing on like the 40 or 50 tables, so it was like twinkelling en masse. Haha, and we got these little teddies for the gift thingy which was cute- mine's called Harrison, Sez's was called Gronk or something (lol, courtesy of Dave) and I don't think Em's got named...and the guys got bottle opener things, just to reinforce the no-drinking thing ;o) We also swiped (as in a stuffed my bag full) the complimentary choccies, haha... they're pretty good! It's hard to summarise everything, but on the whole it was really cool, and it was on my and Dave's 2 month anniversary, how's that for timing?!
Then after (lol, i like Sez's summary on her blog) we went to Dave's to get changed (and i saw his room for the first time (well, since i was like 9 or something)- can u believe that? it's heaps cool tho, attic rooms are awesome!), then we drove to HENLEY (i'm pretty sure it was Henley, not West) beach, drank red cordial, went paddling, ran around, took photos, went crazy and got wet (it was raining!)- the beach is awesome at night, how have we not thought of this before?! Then we drove around seeminly randomly for a while (including on this creepy foggy road) which was fun/funny aaaand ended up half-dead at Hungry Jacks at 3.30am... It was really wierd, or maybe i just need to get out more, but who'd have thought both Macca's and HJ's would have full carparks at that time in the morning?
Then got home and thought i'd forgotten my keys so was rummaging in my bag and trying to see if the laundry window was open so i could climb in and stuff, all to no avail... so i had to knock on the door which was very cringey, but Mum and Dad couldn't get to sleep till I was home (aww!) so at least i didn't wake them up i guess! AAAnyway, some family friend's from Stanwell Tops (around where we used to live on the NSW coast) are here atm which is cool as well, so the next day i saw them (they arrived when i was par-tay-ing at le formal), slept, did homework and went to sas basically...
Oh yeah, today we had this 'Holistic Health Expo' in our gym at school which sounds a bit new-agey, but some youth workers from around the area had a stall set up about youth gps and God and stuff which was really good, what an opportunity! So i cruised over there with Charlotte and saw Anne, Emily and Greg which was a nice perk up/highlight of the day! They had the youth camp vic playing on Greggo's laptop, so now Nature World has reached a wider audience, haha how embarrassing!! Ahh its great... Anyway, I'm off to finish an elusive modern history essay.... (after finishing this one, lol)