Wednesday, February 15, 2006

little red caboose chug chug chug

Just got back from Redcliff's camp on the Eyre Penninsula, organised by Luke and Jordan = awesome camp - great speaker (Leigh Cunningham), great people, great atmosphere, great fun, and many memories (and photos of course... ;) AND we got a free Redcliff's tshirt!! As Emma so aptly put it, 'every second' of it was good, from beginning to very end. I'm still on a camp high!

Valentines Day was very cool - I was notified by red rose and note that I was to be whisked away by Dave to a mystery lunch (sneaky), which was at the Spice Kitchen (soo yummy!!) and then we hung out at the Kensy Rd lookout - all in all very lovely :D

And BIG NEWS OF THE MOMENT :: MIRIAM AND JORDAN ARE ENGAGED!!!!! as of 6amish on Monday morning - very romantic, sunrise stroll along the beach, the ring was in a treasure box hidden in the dunes...

All my hearty congratulations to the happy couple (it was just a matter of time ;)!!

And in the spirit of Valentine's Day - I love you all - friends and family - very much!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I think I'm going to cry!!

Did ANYONE tape the OC last night? I taped the WRONG CHANNEL and got the cricket instead, ahhh!!!! This is a desperate plea ...