Thursday, March 22, 2007

new thing to add to the sterling things list

elderly couples holding hands

Maybe it's something to do with love that's weathered all the storms of life, and is still going strong.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

By the way, I am currently mobile-less at the moment, it hasn't been found since last Sunday (the last time it was seen). So if anyone wanted to or has contacted me (or not) then ... don't. Haha, well do, just not on my mobile for another week and a bit or so! Sorry if there have been any unanswered messages (I'm sure there must be AT LEAST a hundred. If not more;), that's why.

Monday, March 19, 2007

identity crisis

We just took our cats to the vet for their annual check up (pretty funny in itself - Remy in the cat carrier doing these ultra sad meows, and me (unwisely wearing black and thus ending up completely covered in fur) carrying a quivering Charlie. They got their claws clipped (woohoo for us!).

When we got home I think Remy started having a minor identity crisis - I found him in the hallway trying to sharpen his claws on the carpet, as you do... but, there were hardly any claws left, let alone enough to be sharpened. Instead he kind of manically was clawing at the carpet looking anxious. Poor lil fellow.

To try to cheer him up I tried to dangle some string in his face, but I think this just depressed him more as he couldn't claw onto it. Oops.

Weeee! String!!!...
...that I can hardly hold onto. I am so depressed right now.
Grrrrr! *sob* (I love this one, who knew cats could frown?!

In other news, Chicks go Sticks was a fabulous success, with many hilarious moments, girly bonding, and great convo's. Go God.

Ooooh, wow, I see the sea!

Fleuro sunset, whilst chasing roo's.

Closely followed by this great adventure of a trip, was Sez's awesome emo par-tay - if you haven't already go to Sez's blog or Em's piczo for hot pics!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

tomorrow night...

I will be sleeping under the stars...

After 3 yrs of failed attempts, the chicks are finally going sticks when the blokes are going bush! That's right, the youth are off to camp. Not the shelter over your head, sqeaky bunk bed, luxury of having a bathroom kind of camp. We're talking the real deal, hard yakka camping camp. 10 girls. 22 guys. (Seperate camp sites ;) 5 cars. 1 trailer. Numerous tents, bbq's, billies, gas lamps, sleeping bags, pillows, chocolate. 2 nights. 1 hike. 1 God. Much bonding. Good times are to be had!


Don't wish us luck, because who knows if that exists. (Good question, thoughts anyone?)
Prayer on the other hand ... God exists ... we'll be needing him! (we always do anyway, but you know what I mean... )

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

let the record play ... beauty in the sunlight

Sooo... I just got back from my third official small group. I'm liking them - I was thinking as I was driving home, I'm glad that I went and did that rather than having another night at home watching tv or something (not that that's bad ;) Otherwise there would be these conversations that I'd have or hear with people that just wouldn't happen, whether I know them well or not. It's just cool to have that time set aside with a group of people to talk together, read the Bible and pray together, even if I'm feeling a bit brain dead or tired!

Second week at uni this week, and MAN has it been hectic (please note my sarcasm). I've only got 8 contact hours (plus lots of reading - it IS arts!) which is pretty nice. I'm actually really looking forward to all my subjects I think - especially anthropology ('conflict and crisis'- looking at conflict all around the world like Sierra Leone, Sudan, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, endless list really). My lecturers for classics and history are such characters, so stereotypical, which I love. The classics guy puts up random far side cartoons in lectures, and otherwise likes to illustrate his points with stick figure drawings (his own, of course). It annoyed me at first, but now I'm warming to it. The history guy we just met today, and... well, my description wouldn't be adequate. He's at the more mature end of the age spectrum (a nice way of saying he's a bit old), walks with a stoop, had this great comb over, a dry sense of humour, and is passionate about what he teaches (he likes to look at the medieval era (the topic of the course) for fun, as opposed to his specialist area!). Oh yeah, and he described his take on medieval history as more Monty Python than Dan Brown. How can that not appeal?

Here are some pics I took of my beauty of a cat Charlie yesterday arvo.

Conveniant spot in the sun, or alien abduction?

How embarrassing for her, I caught that on camera. Check out her fangs!

Isn't she gorgeous? And despite the slight blurriness, the lighting's pretty good in this shot.

Also, on a random note - I went jogging on Dan and Phili's treadmill this afternoon. Yay random efforts at improved fitness, AND being able to watch Battlestar Gallactica at the SAME TIME!!

That is all :P

Monday, March 05, 2007

poem of a possum

Here is a poem.

This is my post 200th
Which has been a long time in a cometh
My mind is now blank on what to write
Except for the possum on Saturday night
It fell into our fireplace
And logged into Myspace
(that bit's not really true,
just a bit of hullaballoo)
There it was stuck for 24 hours
While we didn't notice, watching Fawlty Towers
When we finally noticed it's existance
Notified only by Remy's insistance.
We tried to shake the chimney pipe,
Then down we poured water to make it alight
This only resulted in petrification,
And it resorted to staying-stock-still-ation
We lured it out, with lur-ishious fruit
Half a banana and an apple to boot.
Cardboard box at the ready
And a torch held steady
We waited it out till 3 (am!)
When the little guy decided to flee (amen!)
With strategic manouvering
And a distinct lack of Hoovering
We scooped him/her up
and scooted him/her out
and then we went back to sleep.

The end.

Acknowledgments: This inspiration and encouragement for this poem goes largely to Phili. Your words 'Write a poem. I'm now expecting a poem!' were invaluable :P. Thanks also to Dad, possum-catching-buddy.