Thursday, March 08, 2007

tomorrow night...

I will be sleeping under the stars...

After 3 yrs of failed attempts, the chicks are finally going sticks when the blokes are going bush! That's right, the youth are off to camp. Not the shelter over your head, sqeaky bunk bed, luxury of having a bathroom kind of camp. We're talking the real deal, hard yakka camping camp. 10 girls. 22 guys. (Seperate camp sites ;) 5 cars. 1 trailer. Numerous tents, bbq's, billies, gas lamps, sleeping bags, pillows, chocolate. 2 nights. 1 hike. 1 God. Much bonding. Good times are to be had!


Don't wish us luck, because who knows if that exists. (Good question, thoughts anyone?)
Prayer on the other hand ... God exists ... we'll be needing him! (we always do anyway, but you know what I mean... )


Tamie said...

Whoa, two posts in 3 days! That's amazing Jess! Especially after so long in the wilderness!

Hope Chicks Go Sticks is really awesome... although with that mix of people I'm sure it will be!

I'll look forward to being regaled with the stories when you get back.

Tamie said...

Just scanned through a little more and I stand corrected - 3 posts in a week! *looks to sky expecting rapture any moment* Nice going!

Joel said...

yeah no such thing as luck... well i dunno. in sense we all got very lucky coz God has saved us. but the question still lingers - is luck real or just a word we use to describe stuff.

I'd say luck doesn't exist in the sense that it is floating around and if you wish for it you will get it. But it's a term that we use to describe our circumstances. So you're right Jess - we definitely can't pray for luck, but we can pray to God.

now "duck" on the other hand is a whole different can of worms.

jesster said...

lol - well duck, I'm not even going to GO there!

Yeh, I agree with you Joel. I guess we use the word 'luck' to describe if a situation is good or not - and usually inferring that it's by chance (not really any choice of our own, or something we have control over) that we're in that situation or not.

Are we lucky then that God saved us? Considering though that God made the very deliberate choice to save us - to do everything necessary to reconcile us back into a relationship with him (bar our own free will to accept that or not), I'd say it's not luck at all that he saved us! But then that's not going into predestination stuff ... :S ;)!

jesster said...

and Tamie, we're not rapture-d yet, so I guess that means I'll just have to keep posting, as earth-shattering as that may be :P