Monday, November 21, 2005

emancipate myself


I can now delete the SSABSA website from my favourites list!!

[for some strangely ironic and eerie reason some little box on my comp screen saying 'Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia (SSABSA) home is stuck on my screen... in fact I can't even see what I just typed because it's in the way....]

Things I'm looking forward to:
  • relaxing
  • As Angie said, being in a good mood for consecutive days
  • not having to feel guilty if I'm doing anything but studying
  • Seeing people. Like not at school.
  • Hearing the school bell go next door and thinking 'suckers!'
  • Reading - i've got this massive pile of books - as in so massive it's unstable and sways - on my bedside table, including one I borrowed from Alex, oh, a YEAR ago!
  • The beach
  • Being able of thinking to stuff I want to do, and actually being able to do it...
  • Burning the posters I made for notes (i'm too sentimental and stingy to throw out my actual notes ... I might need them sometime in the near distant future!)
  • going on shopping trips, like the one I just went on with Mim and Annie to Harbour Town (lol got these grandpa pant culotte things for $3 bucks ... they've got potential to be funky!)
  • lunches in the sun like the one I had today with Mum and Dad (after Dad specially went up today after I'd finished to get all this lovely stuff for lunch!) - well I had them anyway, but I'm looking forward to more!

Friday, November 18, 2005

WOO, just did my art exam - only 2 hours which was good, but for some reason I was massively nervous before it. I think because I didn't really do as much study as I did for the others, but it turned out fine - it's surprising how much you can just splurge onto paper when u need to (7 1/2 pages in an hour... yeesh!) Only one more to go - modern on monday.

A few weeks ago I watched Spanglish (as you may have picked up from the pic... get it, pick, pic? haha! ooooh man, too much study if I find that funny...) and I'm now inspired to become Mexican (and yes, I realise the obvious difficulty in that). It was surprisingly good I thought. I was kind of expecting it to be a fluffy romantic comedy/drama, but it has a lot of good messages on responsibility, cultural clashes, values etc. The main character (well, one of them) Flor was gorgeous - as in her character. Maybe I'm just projecting stuff onto her, but she's kind of what I aspire to be (note: key word 'aspire')- strong, feminine, selfless (with her daughter), moral, common-sense, passionate, carefree but responsible, humble, and wasn't afraid of standing up for what she believed in (passionately, lol) ... AND she had real curves, go her!

My one complaint was I can't understand how the character Adam Sandler played (COMPLETELY different to any of his other movies) - a really nice guy, loving father - married the woman he's married to - pedantic, selfish, verbal diarrhoea, the kind of woman who gives her beautiful daughter size 8 clothes (as in a few sizes too small) in an effort to get her to lose weight. As Anne knows, I would've happily given her a whack right then.

Anyway congratulations to all those who've finished (!!), good luck to all those who've still got exams to go, and thankyou to everyone for helping me through this emotionally turbulant time of exams :D

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So with 3 exams (including prob one of the two hardest ones today, classics, woo!!) down, and two up (?) I'm in a bit of a schoolie sentimental mood, so altho these are a little late, here are some pics to commemorate our nearly non-schoolieness...

1) That's me and Richo, post big everything-non-solid fight that we had instead of muck up day. I did have the same war paint on as her, buuuut it kinda came off!

2) That's me and my good buddy em

3) Charlotte, me, Mr Williams, Richo and Chelsea in our last mod hist class EVER. Nice guy, interesting (ie not the best) teaching as i've prob whinged to some of u about, but all in all he's cool.

4) Bonnie, Hannah, Libito and me - kinda cool windswept shot!

5) You know how you have those dreams where you turn up to school in ur pj's? Well irony of ironies, on the last day of school i actually DID!! I forgot to take my pj shorts off under my skirt, which was pretty amusing...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

FINALLY - to u Lisa!

Happy 18th Lisa! Thanks for the person and friend you are to so many of us, me included. You're gorgeous and we love ya!
Look forward to many lasagna times in the future LOL! ;)

ps Woo, it decided to work!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Soo, it's been a while!

Well i've emerged briefly from under my pile of notes and revision rubble... FINALLY got all my art done last week (working on it all day everyday- Mum and Dad were invaluable for their constant artistic opinions and spray painting assistance!) <-- see left
Yeh, pretty different from my last one- quick explanation so it's not too confusing (i got a couple of weird interpretations!) ... ok so the whole thing kind of represents me as i'm growing up - the rose on the right is not perfect, scarred, but budding, and the branch (the green thing) as it goes into the lighter purple part of the background kind of represents branching out (mind the pun) and going out of my comfort zones. 'Do we want the truth' - well, on reflection i think i would've liked to rephrase it a bit differently, like 'do we dare to find the Truth' or something, but I guess it's talking about how at this time of my life i'm searching for the truth for myself - like asking other ppl if they want it, do i want it etc.
Hopefully that made some sort of sense, i'm a bit braindead after the eng exam this morn (which went pretty well! Had a few more nerves than with the trial, but tried to work with them!)

AND altho I WAS going to put up some belate happy b'day pics for my shoe buddy Lisa, but it's deciding not to work!! Working on that one...