Tuesday, July 12, 2005

yahtzee, holidays!

Thank God (literally!) it's finally holidays, even if they are only two weeks long! Here's a brief synopsis of the last whirlwind few days:
  • Wednesday- Uncle Stephen, Aunty Leone, Michael, and another cousin Paul (see photo's...) arrive for Jon's party
  • Thursday- got report, last day of school
  • Friday- formal day!! hair done at "1" which turned out to be 1:40- turns out the same hairdresser had Claire Angley (apparently she's got a loootta hair to curl!), me, Dani, then Lib all one after the other! Picked Davo up and had the obligatory photo's (lol, not that i'm complaining, i love it really ;o), went to the before party at Dani's (it was Ebony's b'day, how's that for timing?), took our beloved Des' minibus to the formal, did the formal thing (we're old hands at this now, lol- everyone looking stunning, photo's (digital and prof- haha including one with Kendyl, Ben Cooper, me and Charlotte, James Bond style) danced, ate, laughed, had awards (Emma got 'most likely to become first female prime minister', and Suj 'most stunningly dressed female' in her tres cool blue Indian sari, to name a couple), took the Des' back to Dani's to do a speedy change in 20 mins (haha, all the girls in Dani's room at the same time, it was pretty funny), and finally on to the elusive afterparty! Comparitively short summary, lol. It was all good fun, it just came and went so quickly!
  • Saturday- up at 12, and onto getting everything ready for Jon's 21st! I was in a bit of a daze that day, so can remember bits... My hair actually stayed in thru sleep, rain and hail (memorable trip getting stuck in the sudden downpour with Dan, Michael, and Paul at St Bart's after another memorable shopping trip with them to get all the drinks- picture me and Michael with a trolley each... *cough* we weren't immature at all *cough*)... Uncle Mark also came down impulsively (Paul's Dad) which was nice. The night was a fantastic effort by everyone- mammoth effort particularly by Mum and A. Leone with food prep, lots of fun decorating (inc these cool linky balloons, inc some tied in a ring which me and Paul looped over the fans lol, fairy lights, these little Chinese take-away style boxes with cute pics of Jon poking out, and laminated security pass style name things for Jono's friends), Miz, Anne (now known as powerwoman, she's amazing!), and Dave being a HUGE help serving (whilst i wandered around in a half-conscious state) and yeah... Oh, and Dan (and Michael) did this great slide-show of Jon- all in all a fun night, deserving tribute to Jon. And most importantly, he had fun!
  • Sunday- slept till 1... Family lunch, singing at sas, then had a great time with dinner at Dan and Phili's with Michael and Paul- not only great food (my gosh, this DELICIOUS pizza from Tusmore pizzeria, Chicken something, with artichoke hearts) but great company, i really enjoyed myself.
  • Monday- Went to Koorong and got some good books...Last nite everyone was here, had birthday dinner for Mum
  • Today- Mum's bday! everyone left 7:30ish :o(, then i kind of lazed around, watched Bride and Prejudice (sp? that word looks really odd)...

Which takes me up to now! About to do some homework, get some take-out, watch the season final of the OC, and celebrate Mum in relaxed style...

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