Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Gotta have one of me and the party queen Lib! How nice is the colour of her dress, and go the same-hairdressered hair! Ooo, shimmery jewellary...  Posted by Picasa


lib said...

haha i'm a party queen am i? i will gladly take that title! :)

lib said...

actually we are quite similar (yet different and similar in a good way)
1. same hairdresser hair
2. last year we both had straight hair at the PAC formal and this year we both had curls and braids (i realise this is another point on hair)
3. we both have BLONDE hair- smart blondes!
4. we both have sparkly jewelry
5. we both had beautiful dresses (ok this goes for pretty much everyone lol... i'm just trying to find something else similar)

... no wonder some people get us confused! (actually i think we are actually quite different... i think its just the whole blonde thing and the fact school is so big)

sez said...

b-e-a-utiful :)