Tuesday, October 24, 2006

chef a la harris'

Ah, what a happy scene.... Ez, me, and our amazing napoletana-chicken-mushroom-broccolini-pasta bake! We were so proud of it we had a bit of a photo shoot...
Isn't it beautiful?
First we loved it, then we ate it.


That last one's a funny story actually. Well I don't know about funny, probably a bit boring, but a story. We each got free knives at the supermarket the other day - you know those telemarket ads where they try and sell you life-changing utensils with multiple free extras you never knew you needed so badly before? Well it was like that... but LIVE. We had to stand there for 5 mins of so while the women showed us how this *awesome* knife could cut through hammers and solid wood etc, and then we got a free knife for our time. Woo!


Anzy said...

oh my goodnesss!! My mum got the SAME free knife :O shock horror. Who wouldve thought that these telemarketer or whatever they are thingos, move places??? Anywho congratulations on cooking a Fantabulous chicken/broccolini/mushroom/pasta bake extravaganza. Looked wonderful, and photo shoot was even better :D!


lib said...

looks scrumptious to me!
hope you're doing awesomely over in Adelaide. I may just call you sometime seeing as i have new credit which means it only costs me 10 c a minute to call ppl(never mind that i used up a bunch of it last night talking to a certain someone which i will inform you of by calling you). but you're on virgin anyway, aren't you? 5 c then!

anyway the real point of this comment was to just say hi and now its just a ramble. have fun in your parental empty house!