Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I apologise for my extreme slackness of late in posting - poor show i know (esp for lib, sorry!) To be honest I don't really know if many people read it or find it interesting or anything, so sometimes I err on the side of don't bother - BUT, FOR the people who do read it, I will try to post more often, about more stuff!

In other news, we had YOUTH CAMP on the weekend!! It was an excellent camp, a whoooole lot of fun! It was different going as a leader this year, seeing it from that perspective (haha, last night early morning antics), but I really enjoyed it - maybe I'm biased but all the youthians are just great, real legends. Stef's new website (see youth site) about camp is absolutely awesome - SUCH an encouragment to see how helpful she found camp, and how stuff is clicking. It (camp) reminded me so much of when we all first started going to youth and on camps - esp all the girly 'chats' (ie screaming and squealing and 'woooo!!!'ing!) late at night about who liked who! Haha, funny stuff ... Mike Roe spoke (his wife Karen came as well - they're also both going to Rwanda, woohoo! I didn't realise that until they arrived which was a bit silly, but great to be able to get to know them a bit better on the camp before flying half way across the world with them :oP) He spoke really well (on living as 'Aliens' in this world)- I found it quite challenging, particularly the last session on application stuff. He also prepared good small group studies I thought - I was a little bit dubious about the small groups because, even though I was hoping that they'd be good, and I wanted to get to know the girls better (with our lovely group of 5 girls), you're never quite sure how helpful they are, esp as a leader (well, in my new role as leader - i'm learning as I go!) BUT we had some good discussions! I was really encouraged by the faiths (if that's a word) of the youth - it was inspiring and so exciting to see. The games turned out to be really fun - the Molecule game with Mim the crazy mad scientist, and leaders having the power to make the groups do something for them everytime the groups wanted a lolly or something to make their molecule, and Ultimate Capture the Flag - ultimate water fight, with the 'firing squad' (leaders, or 'enforcers' throwing waterbombs at the law-breakers as they stand against a wall- very impressive organisation and ultimisation of the game by Law and Joel! Camp concert was one of the best I've been new - we have some comedic genii in our midst :P I don't think I'll forget Nic doing actions to Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn' in a while!! Nick V-R ( in almost every act!) and Fergus are the next Umbilical Bro's I think, doing some very clever hand tricks and so forth, and the boy's version of 'Thanks God You're Here' beat channel ten's hands down ;o) The girl's small group did a stereotyped but profound (lol, well i reckon!) mean girls vs nice girls skit, followed by our Superstar dance, woo! There were a few challenges, but I was really glad to be able to talk them through with Mim and Anne, and Greg and Sum - experience is the best way to learn!

Anyhoo, Miz has an assignment to write so I'd best get off the compy, catcha round :)


Phili said...

Yay! An update! Great to hear some of these camp stories face to face. I'm hanging out for some crazy stories to come out of your current all girls household ;)

Andre said...

nah dude I read it :)
sorry i've been away tho, so hence the lag in respose time! keep posting tho!

sez said...

yeah i read it too! sounds like youth camp was rad, glad to hear it all went well! haha, the actions to "torn" are hilarious (if we're thinking of the same ones) but yeah, keep up the good posting work! lol

lib said...

"Nic doing actions to Natalie Imbruglia's 'Torn' "

haha i wanna see that

jesster said...

haha, thanks guys :)
And Lib, you HAVE to see the vid, it was hilarious! actually the whole concert was!