Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How can something so small hurt so much?!

Well, that's a bit overdramatic i guess- i'm talking about splinters, i just had to dig five out of my fingers! More how can something so small be so annoying! I'm not quite sure how i got them, i think it might've had something to do with the tree climbing expedition me and Dave had on fri... Talking of tree's, i went on a bit of a bushwalk at Waterfall Gully this arvo which was... exhausting! Lol, i had to stop like 6 times on the way up to this lookout which i think is non-existant- we went there a few years ago with JY, and I wanted to find it again because it was really cool (these big boulder things), so I followed the path up which was posted 'eagle-on-the-hill'... but i ain't seen no eagle on a hill, or any lookouts for that matter. I kind of ended up near this freeway road thing, at which stage i'd been gone for a while and i thought I'd better head back. So even though i didn't really feel like i finished the walk, it was good to get out and get some excercise and fresh air! Hopefully it got some stress out as well- i'm in this wierd kind of out-of-it zone atm (how unusual i hear you say...!) but at the same time i'm a bit stressed about school... Not too bad, but you know, a bit!

Something else I wanted to share was something Polly shared with me, that she got from a discipleship meeting at the church she's going to in Edinburgh... I thought is was cool, and really true!

Standing in His ['his' being Jesus...duh] name is not...

Hoping that your silence will convince your friend to receive Jesus
Hiding your relationship with Jesus to strengthen your friendship
Saying that you're a Christian, then avoiding any spiritual conversations for the next 40 yrs of friendship
Filling your schedule with so many prayer meetings that you don't have time to talk to your friends about Jesus
only hangin out with committed christians
Being defensive about your faith

standing in His name is....

Being open and honest about our relationship with Jesus
being disciplined in your words, actions, and behaviours
Taking a loving interest in your friend's beliefs and personal life
Confronting your friend's dodgy beliefs and practices (often passively)
Communicating acceptance, despite spiritual conflict
Continually bringing up issues that they are avoiding talking about.

Anyway, here are some photos from Jordan's (Mim's boyfriend) first 21st on Sat night (he's having another one in Ungarra this w/e)- the theme was 'big, bad or beard hair' if u can't tell! Haha, ahh so many laughs, so many laughs... Lol, on the subject of laughs as well, who'd have thought that making eyebrows, a moustache and goatee out of sticky notes (along with 'leg hairs' out of stockings) could be so amusing? Apparently Richo, Dani , Kendyl, Hannah, Julia, me etc: as you can see we make our own fun at lunchtimes at Marryatville High!


sez said...

ah, i'm just commenting for the sake of doing so...yep ok...that'll do, just so u know i comment ;o) coz i understand just how impt comments are haha

lib said...

they are tho- i feel so much like everyone thinks i'm unfunny or boring or soemthing if they don't comment

sez said...

yeah, i know!

jesster said...

i agree- i think bloggers put in so much hard work, esp non bloggers have an obligation to at least put up comments!and it is so hard to tell what ppl think otherwise, ESP via the net is quite tricky

sez said...

i concur. hehe i wanted to use that word...i've been fossicking round the english language for a nice, concise [heeey that rhymes!] word, and i have decided on concur. its a good word.

jesster said...

lol snap! I've also been dropping the word 'concur' in here and there. I'd say it's a feel good word.

lib said...

bloggers do put in heaps of hard work! bloggers unite! lol
comments are appreciated :)