Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Haha, that's very funny Scotty. Now beam down my clothes.

Sooo I'm in one of those mixed moods where you're happy, passive, tired, stressed, yet chilled... I can't beleive its week FIVE already- seriously, it was only just the holidays! That's good, but bad- good because the holidays are that little bit closer, as are the formals, but bad because those assignment deadlines are also closer (but the work done on them strangely stays the same...) and i've still got to get everything else apart from the dress (and date ;o) for the formal!! Oh yeah, the work thing's kind of picked up with school again-the main things this week are this essay on the French revolution (actually pretty interesting, i wrote like 10 pages of notes from the text book but kind of enjoyed it!) and my art final (which i meant to start in week 1... didn't happen!) of Dad- I've abandoned the 'painted on wood' idea, too unecessarily tricky, and am going with the large portrait on canvas idea with wooden frame (wood bcoz it's masculine, he loves woodwork and so forth)... haha, he's gonna get a big head from this... get it? Portrait? Head? Big canvas? Haha!! OH man, i think i need sleep!! It's old news, but we got our yr 12 jumpers a couple of weeks back as well, just in time for this FREEZING weather, and they are tres the bomb (does that even work? lol)- go the hoodies with the sensibly placed zip for scarf placement...

Mum says i've gotta stop blogging now because she's annoying but incredibly caring (she dictated that sentance btw) and her daughter is amazingly wonderful and she'd be hysterically sobbing in a gutter now if it weren't for me (ok, maybe she didn't dictate that last bit ;o)!

Theological question of the moment: what IS church and its purpose? Thoughts anyone? More on that later my pretties...

Nighty night (haha charlotte), love jesseroopi

PS me and dave one month tomorrow! *contented sigh*
pps note the red lettering to warm your eyes bcoz its now winter! pinchandapunchforthefirstdayofthemonthnoreturns!!


sez said...

aww 1 month!! as if it's been that long!!! hehehahahehe *starts laughing hysterically, then the laughter turn to hysterical sobs like jess' mum would be if it weren't for jess...* ok, the crying's stopped now...and tres the bomb so works...well...we all get what you mean ;o)

sez said...

haha you know what? its gona be 2 months @ the red + white!! ain't that luverly? [no really...]

Lib said...

i think i might leave this mushy conversation right about now

Lib said...

anyway... onto the church. i reckon the church is the people of God basically (like that verse about the church/people of God being the body... can't remember where it is).

i think the church is for the people of God to:
-have support in our faith and life
-relate with one another
-tell other people about God
-tell of what God has done (in our lives or otherwise)
-learn more about God

I was just about to use alot of church jargon- ie fellowship, evangelism, growing in God- but I didn't think it would be sensible to describe what I church is using its jargon. I just realised I used faith which is jargon... oh well can't think of another word). So yeh, that's what I think... anyone else?