Thursday, June 16, 2005

coffee= the person on whom one coughs

Alrite, this is actually gonna be a nice, concise blog bcoz i'm reeeally tired (running on about 4 2:30 late nights in the past week, and 4 1/2 hrs sleep last night (partly contributed to the fact that i got up at a rather uncivilised hour to put a bday card and stuff in Dave's letter box! He's worth it tho...aww!) :o( lol poor me- it's my fault, but still I'm looking for sympathy!) Got a big psych report done last night, and tonight am doing a modern history essay (on the Constituent Assembly in the French Revolution for anyone who's interested or knows anything about it) for this teacher who's a nice guy, but i don't really get his marking system and don't really learn too much in the lessons... Can you tell I'm buried in schoolwork atm?! It's all I talk about!

Anyway, I also wanted to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to Dave as well... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! lol

bttb (meaning back to the BOOKS :oP)

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saber said...

im sure it does ;)