Friday, August 12, 2005

CMS Winter Dinner

So last nite was the CMS Winter Dinner (see the abundance of pics below!!) which was good fun (again, see abundance of pics below :P) and also interesting! I went last year as well so it was cool to kind of hear where some people had come in a year (youth ppl will prob remember Tab from youth camp last yr I think?) and also just to be in a place where it was so comfortably Jesus-focussed. Also made me think a bit more about actually planning for my future- what I'd have to do to get involved in mission stuff (CMS standing for Church Missionary Society). We were on Greg and Sum's table- 'we' being Dave, Law, Joel, Emma, Lib, Lisa, and I- the yr 12 Youthy table, mwahaha... Good food too (lol Lisa, yeah we finished it all!!)- chicken schnitzel type thing (sorry, i think it was called 'breast of chicken'... teehee!) like last yr, which was obviously good enough to be remembered!! At the moment I'm going to go and read more of that glorious book called Harry Potter (no I still haven't finished, so no one ruin the ending! It's kind of good going thru it slowly, spreads out the greatness and wanting morishness of it!) in front of the fire and relax, because I had to finish a psych assignment last nite when we got back, and so got to sleep at 2!! *insert sleepy/gritty eyes* Gotta rest up before the indoor sports centre thing tonight for youth :P!!

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