Thursday, May 19, 2005


As many of you probably know, Tim McWaters (a guy from youth, PAC yr 12) was in a car accident on Mon at 10:15 on Pt Wakefield road in a head on collision with a 4wd who crossed over to the wrong side of the road. Danielle (apparently a lifelong friend, from Maitland) was driving and was killed instantly, and Tim was airlifted to the Royal Adelaide hosp. with critical injuries (I think mainly brain-damage amongst others) but was pronounced dead (braindead- his family's decided to donate some of his organs so his body's going to be kept going until then) yesterday. Like Lib said, everything else seems trivial now- what do you say? It was just so sudden (at least he didn't suffer much i guess) and he was so young and one of the most irrepressible, energetic people i know.

The past couple of nights ppl have gathered at church to talk, pray, cry, and debrief about it, and kind of distract each other together as well which has been so good- i'm so thankful we can have fellowship like that together and help each other through- especially Sarah (who's been so brave, being at the hospital with him must've been really hard, and i can't imagine what she, her family and his family are feeling now, what a nightmare). At least we have the hope of knowing that he and Danielle were Christians, literally thank God, and that they really have gone to a much better place. I sort of switch from feeling numb about it, to re-realising the impact and having a good cry. I just feeling like spending time with people- that's what seems important. I don't really know what else to say, even thought there's a lot going on inside my head, but I'll just add that, like Dave and I were talking about last night, it really had brought out the best in everyone. Makes you realise how important friends and family are (and letting them know that you love them- as i do all you guys, you know who you are!), and how much one life can affect so many others.

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That is so true Jess, all of it. And i agree the best thing we can do right now is keep supporting each other, whether that is talking about it, praying together, hugging, crying or just simply being there, it helps so much. And too right, they have both gone on to a better world now where they can be with God, and although it might be hard to comprehend at the mo, they are in good hands and I am so thankful for that. thanks also for being there... love emma