Friday, May 13, 2005


I'm so psyched, I just got the new Chemical Brothers album (Push the Button- so far it's tres good) which i've been meaning to get for months, and the Beastie Boys, To The 5 Boroughs, for...wait for it... HALF PRICE!! Go Unibooks at Adelaide Uni ;o) At the same time I got some Bonds trackies and a Bonds hoodie (also discounted) at the Studio and T-Shirt shop at A.Uni (yes, i found the shop, finally!), and as i was buying them i was chatting to the lady and she was saying how they might be shut down with this whole student union funding cuts thing, which they're debating about in parliament as we speak... I don't know too much detail about it, but from what i do know i don't really like the sounds of the cuts- they'd effect so much of the student life!

ANYway, on this lovely spending spree I also got this book from Borders (well, Mum got it- thanks Mum ;o) which i've been meaning to get for ages- called The Complete Idiots Guide to the Reformation and Protestantism... yeah sounds pretty daunting, but (especially at this point in time) I'm really interested in church history- how all these denominations and stuff originated, what we believe, the origins etc. It looks very readable (which is good, or else i'd never read it!)- detailed but not boring, so i'm looking forward to that! Just have to actually read it now (haha, i've got this whole pile of half read books next to my bed...)
To top it all off I also got to have lunch out with Mum and Dad which was really cool, I enjoyed it!

To continue on this bookey type post (well I've talked about one book so far, lol) I've gotten further into the Da Vinci Code- the controversial claims bit basically saying that the Bible (or New Testament at least) was collated by the Pagan Roman emperor Constantine the Great, who wanted to fuse Christianity and Rome's official religion of the day, sun worship, as a political move to stop warring between Christians and pagans, and that it was decided that Jesus was the Son of God by vote 4 century's after his death to strengthen power and divine authority of the Church and Christianity... It also says that rather than the Holy Grail being the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper, it's in fact Mary Magdalene who was married to Jesus... Hopefully that makes sense, it took me a bit to fully get my head around it. So when i read that i was like WOAH big claims here! Apparently it's all built on a pretty flimsy theological and historical base, and we've borrowed 'Breaking the Da Vinci Code' from someone which'll be interesting to read- otherwise this stuff'll just sit at the back of my head and niggle... It's good to be able to remember as I'm reading it tho that 1) my personal experience of God/Jesus kinda doesn't line up with what they're saying, 2) all the stuff I've learnt about the Bible/God/history over the years I would view as reliable, and again totally don't line up with what Dan Brown's saying, and 3) that it's FICTIONAL novel! But it's challenging- and we don't always grow unless we're challenged i guess!

So anyway, that's enough for today... Actually, I'd also like to add on top of all that that I've kind of come back to God a bit in the past week- I realised that (being semi-conscious of it) I'd blocked him out of my life a bit in the last couple of weeks or so, maybe longer... Thank God that He's not like us and welcomes us back with open times each time we re-realise our sinfulness and need for Him! Also that no matter how we're close we're FEELING to God, He's always there anyway- once He's in our heart, He's in... Go God :oP


sez said...

ooh :P lol i cant actually remember what ur post was about coz i read it last nite...oh well, can i borrow the chemical brothers album at some stage..??

lib said...

how much was the talk on sunday night totally suited to the end bit of ur post?