Tuesday, May 03, 2005

back we go to schoolio

Is it just me (and i know this sounds incredibly cliche) or did the hol's go really really fast?! I do a couple of things, then all of a sudden it's school again! Well, I guess i did a lot really, just not much school work, lol. My justification is that its no use going back to school burnt out, better to be recharged and ready to do work. Anyhoo, my last few days were pretty go go go, so i'm a bit tired today.
Lets see, wednesday i had a good catch up with Lib at Norwood and did a bit of window shopping (i was proud, i actually restrained myself and didn't do buy anything!) which was good, then thurs saw Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (*in english accent* hilaaarious, esp if u like random english humour!) with Dave (;o)) which was tres cool, then (drove, woohoo i made it to Parkside by myself!) onto Charlotte's for a sleepover which was heaps fun (we watched House of Elliot, which most of u have prob never heard of, but i grew up with it and it was such a flashback! about 2 sisters in the 20's who's Dad dies (it sounds awful but this is actually a good thing) and they make a fashion house thingo...), then on fri nite had a bit of a par-tay at my house which (surprise surprise) was also fun (well for me, i hope for everyone else too!)- i hadn't seen most ppl since youth camp!
Then had a Sleepover club with the girls (Annie, Mim, and Erin and I've had these sleepover things for years as we've grown up for those of you not in the know, and it kind of got it's name from that really dodgy show of the same name! ;o) aaaand yeah!

Well it was kind of annoying actually, bcoz I thought up until thursday that we were going back on Tues, but noooo, we went back today! woohoo!! Actually it wasn't that bad, it was Charlotte's b'day (happy birthday Daaarling!!!) so it was cool to see her for that, plus catch up with everyone else... and according to my plan, rather than being burnt out with work from the hols, i've had a good break from not doing it so the whole working thing's not too bad either (lol, it's not an excuse... really!). I'm exciting atm, amongst other reasons, bcoz on fri me and the family are jetting off to Sydney for the weekend for my G'ma's 80th b'day celebrations - going to the ballet, and then dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel (bit swanky!), plus seeing all my cousins which we don't get to do very often because everyone but us and G'ma and G'pa live in Sydney! And then... we have a 4 day weekend after that! Oh yeah! Uh huh!! Aaanyway, in my usual style i've written enough for now (lol, happy Dave? ;o) and better get onto some homwork... And by the way, no rubbing in the going-back-to-school-on-monday-not-tuesday thing you private school people! Public and proud!!


lib said...

i reckon that the private school ppl should not rub it in our face taht they went back to school on tuesday seeing as we have a four day weekend bcos out pupil free day is transferred til then.

sez said...

thats so unfair you have a 4 day weekend...sigh...oh well...we dont get pupil free days, unless you count the mondays but i dont coz that's when the boarders have to come back from hols...but LUCKY :P 4-day weekend...