Sunday, April 24, 2005


Hurrah, my own blog!! OK, so i was always complaining about ppl (ie tim, sez, lib...) needing to update their blogs to keep me entertained, and then Sez made the helpful suggestion that i should actually create my own! So here it is, the life and random thoughts of jess... Now i've got to work out what to write! Right, so a bit about me (which most've you'll know anyway, but what the hec)- physically i'm a blonde (no jokes :P), green eyes, 5'9"ish... but that doesn't really tell you much. At the moment I'm doing yr 12 (ahh!!) at marryatville high and my subjects are classical studies, modern hist., english studies, psychology, and visual art studies- as you can tell i'm a humanities chick! But prob the most important thing about me is that I'm a Christian- woohoo!! Hmm how can i outline that, bcoz there are many different things 'Christian' can infer... OK, the Two Ways to Live outlines sums it up nicely, i'll do that next entry, or else this one'll get reeally long... So yeah, I have a Mum (artist/admin at church), Dad (minister at our church- St Matts Anglican), 2 older bros: Dan (23) who is married to Phili (Dr. Phili now!), and Jon (20) who's fresh out of St Pat's Special School (he also has a disability)- all of whom are tres cool, and i (obviously) love 'em lots ;o)... I also have 4 pets- 2 cats, 2 dogs (all of them ridiculously goodlooking of course!) and for hobbies enjoy hanging out with friends, making stuff (beading, knitting, sewing, etc) and...stuff. I could go thru each of my awesome friends, but yeah, this is getting a bit long, so ciao for now!

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sez said...

HOORAY FOR JESS!!! you blogged! and not only did you blog, YOU CREATED YOUR OWN BLOG!!! woohoo!!