Wednesday, April 27, 2005

country girl

*contented sigh* So i just got back from a few days at a (family friends') holiday house in Inman Valley (near Vic. Harbour... yeah, i hadn't heard of it either!) with the family- a nice comfy house with a few acres of property around it, a couple of pool tables and stream at the bottom of the property. It was cool- got some homework done, played pool (mostly by myself, how sad!! but strangely relaxing...), read, chilled, etc etc. But I guess what really struck me on the way home was how i just love the country (don't worry, i don't see any huge country changes in the near future!)- just seeing how God's creation is made up of so many different scenes, which look so different at different times of the day (as we were leaving all the hills were catching the gold/orange setting sun- so beautiful!). I dunno, just seeing it made me happy, and want to praise God! Oh and also, i think there was a harvest moon last night- just as it was beginning to come up it was HUGE and all orange- so cool!! Oh man, i could stare at the sky all day and just be in a contant state of awe... lol.

Last night we watched this movies called 'The House of Sand and Fog'... an intriguing movie, with really interesting characters and themes- no specific message, in fact the entire movie was incredibly depressing, but in a strange way that makes you appreciate your own life in comparison! I think it was a good break for Mum and Dad too (even tho it was like 2 nights!)- hope it was, they deserve it; both for how hard they've been working, and a pretty full on few months ahead! Jonnie relaxed up a bit as well- he's always a bit on edge at the beginning of a holiday (out of routine) but seemed a lot more happy and relaxed today which is cool. Took the dogs down as well, they were so gorgeous! Ah to be a dog- rolling in cow pats, galloping thru paddocks, running over and thru rivers with wild abandon! Anyway, good to be home (i say again, it was only like 2 nights! but i missed my friends... awww ;o) I'm getting a bit hungry, so might go get myself some dinner...

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sez said...

we missed you too!! thankyou for ur multitude of comments on my blog lol. and it sounds like you had a fantastic time!