Saturday, November 04, 2006

alarm bells

So had my first exam today- Classics. Only had one day to study for it (been working for the rest of the week on other essays - only one more to go: 2500 words in 36 hours? Easy! not.) so wasn't feeling majorly prepared. Regardless of that, it was going OK, had almost finished with half an hour to go... and the alarms went off!! That's right, the alarms. Shrieking alarms.

I half expected/hoped that those roof sprinklers would come on, but alas, no such luck. Everyone just sat there for about 5 mins not sure whether to run for their lives in a sudden frenzy or just ignore them and try and keep writing. The former won out (kind of, except it was more at a confused yet calm pace) and everyone was evacuated - that's right, the entire Wayville pavilion full of students doing their exams, in the writing zone, suddenly shuffling out onto the oval. A lot of people were pretty annoyed (especially if we have to resit it on the 18th) but personally I found it kind of exciting.

That's my story for today :P


Anzy said...

oh my goodness!! alarms!! very exciting... I thought you meant like you had forgotten something, or were panicking (as in alarms in your head), however physical, actual alarms are much more exciting :D

Hope you get your essays done!

sez said...

haha oooh, what an adventure!
sucks if you have to resit it though...
good luck with the essays!

Phili said...

The same thing once happened during one of my uni exams and I found it equally exciting!! For some strange reason they let us go back in afterwards....after we had all been talking about the answers outside - Not sure how they managed to mark that one fairly!!

Tamie said...

Oh my goodness, that is like my ultimate dream! So many exams I sat through thinking about how exciting it would be if we had to be evacuated!

When I did Classics, the department was pretty slack so hopefully they're still the same and you won't have to re-sit!

jesster said...

they are - found out today we don't have too, woohoo!! Yeh I thought it was great :D

lib said...

hey jess
i thought i'd just warn you in advance. i challenge you to an arm wrestle when i get back seeing as i have new-found guns from scooping frozen yoghurt.
love lib
ps you'll most likely to still win though.

lib said...

PPS NEVER get myspace.

jesster said...

Ooo, bring it! I don't know tho - we were pretty much almost even last time... I'd better start doing some push ups.

And I haven't succumbed to getting a myspace yet, altho I've been spending more and more time trawling other's (friends and randoms)