Tuesday, August 01, 2006

yay, pics!

Elenka, Rose, Catie and Gabriel looking chirpy at 5am, Melbourne airport
This was at a shop in Melb airport, I had to take a photo - sheep placenta?! lol!
It's a bit hard to read, but this was at Hong Kong airport, an ad for 'Wing Wah Wife Cake' - we never really worked out why it was called that, bit it was pretty funny. Brad's new nickname for Joh's now Wife Cake, ha! I didn't get a photo of it, but in Nairobi we saw this LG shop, which underneath the LG sign said 'Housewife's Paradise!' I was simultaniously outraged and cracking up

Kat on our first flight enjoying the novelties of flying - complimentary headphones, and little plastic spoons.

The view out of the window at Hong Kong airport - pretty stunning! Our little Adelaide hills look puny in comparison :P

L to R - Scott, Gabriel, me & Rose (a little travel weary and slightly hysterical by this stage?) - we were in the doorway of the plane during the stopover at Bangkok (btw Lib the trip seems so roundabout because there's no flight straight to Nairobi - we had to fly Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, then switch to Kenyan Airways from there to Nairobi, with a stop over for whatever reason in Bangkok - which is pretty much on the way (well Bangkok's not, it's South, but at least it's not backwards!)

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lib said...

Yay another first comment! (It may be due to the fact I'm in a totally different timezone and therefore have an advantage when people post late....) anyway, awesome photos. I love taking photos of stuff like sheep placenta, there are so many weird things around. Hong Kong airport looks awesome. Oh I forgot to say congrats for scoring 7 out of 9 window seats. On my 3 over here I sat in the aisle seat, the middle seat and the window seat. Unfortunately I was in the window seat for the shortest of my trips but that's the way it goes. Hope you're good. (PS still can't check my hotmail) xox Lib