Thursday, June 21, 2007


Is it unusual that I tried to warm up my pyjama top for so long on the oil heater that when I put it on two of the buttons had semi-melted and plewped off?

But damn it warm pj's feel so good to put on! The buttons were a justified sacrifice that had to be paid...


em said...

lol. thats a good idea. warm pj's. in summer i used to put my sheet in the freezer so it got cold. but then i decided it was not cold enough so the next night i wet it and THEN put it in the freezer. So I got into bed with this stiff frozen sheet on me and it was so good for about 5 minutes and then it melted and i was left with like a warmish wet sheet dripping everywhere.

I think it was worth burning your pj's for warmth. u could put them in the tumble dryer but its not very energy efficient!

Shorty said...

ive burnt my socks before putting them on a bar heater. didn't smell good.

ive got 2 solutions. jess if you want to warm up in winter and like to take risks / make sacrifices (as I can see by the willingness to melt your buttons) then you could just light your bed on fire.

emma if you want to cool down in summer just get your brother to tip a bucket of water on you.

problems solvered.

jesster said...

Em: you're classic!

joel (haha, just wrote jowl by accident. just had to share that): how about you try that one and get back to me about how it goes ;) lol